Mamma Works Water Birthing Pools

What is a birthing pool ?

A four-part fibre glass pool, which is completely portable but assembles easily. Each unit comes complete with a liner, filler hose, emptying pump, thermometer and full instructions for use. An individual inner disposable liner is provided for each client. This type of unit can be used at home or with the agreement of your midwife in a maternity unit. Some large consultant lead maternity hospitals also allow the use of this birthing pool.

Using water during labour

We had the pool specifically designed to be large enough to accommodate a labouring woman in a variety of positions, but small enough not to cause problems with weight. This unit is designed to accommodate one person.

The pool is an effective form of pain relief during strong labour. It is suggested that you do not enter the pool too early, the pool is most effective used from about 5 centimeters dilation or when contraction are getting too painful to cope with.

The fetal heart rate should be checked by the midwife before entering the pool. Further monitoring will need to be periodically carried out. This is usually done by floating the bump to the surface or with a waterproof transducer.

The temperature of the water should ideally be around the labouring woman ‘s own body temperature (approximately 36.5 -37.5 degrees centigrade). It can however be comforting to have the water slightly warmer to begin with. If the water is too hot the mother will tire easily and baby has no way of cooling off! The temperature should be monitored independently by you midwife, especially if you are planning to deliver in the pool. Hot or cold water should be added by removing some water manually and topping up.

We have found that some mothers choose to leave the pool to deliver. Therefore in case of this we suggest that you prepare an area with warm towels or a bath robe. It is best to follow your own instincts at the time a take the advice of your midwife.

You may find that reading Janet Balaskas and Yehudi Gordon’s Water Birth or Karil Daniel’s Water Baby Information Book useful.

How much does it cost ?

The cost of hiring a pool varies from £100 - £145 depending on whether you book the pool months in advance or at the last minute, although only a small number of pools are available.
Pools are booked from two weeks prior to the expected delivery date of your baby and is yours until baby is born (no extra cost if baby is late!). Other booking periods can be made by prior arrangement.

To book a pool please telephone ++44 (0) 1425 478544 or E-Mail me including the following information:

Your Name
Daytime telephone number
Evening telephone number
Due date of Baby
Your Midwife's/Doctor's name
Her/His address
Whether you want the pool delivered or if you will collect from Southampton or Bath

(If delivery/collection is required within Hampshire (UK) a charge of £10.00 each way will be made. Delivery/collection in bath £25.00. In other areas the charge will be at cost, (typically £80, details on request).

In the event the pool is not used after collection, the cost of the personal liner £20.00 will be refunded if un-opened.

Please contact me for more information.

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